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142 days and counting…

May 20, 2010

I’m really starting to get antsy about the wedding coming. There are many good reasons why we decided to have our wedding in October instead of May, but part of me still thinks that if we had done May how much closer we’d be!

And now, the updates :)

1) Things are really starting together now though, which is exciting! I picked up my wedding dress on Tuesday and it fits perfectly :) It was even better than I remember – I’ve peeked at it a couple times since bringing it home – I can’t believe I get to wear that dress! Again, I’m not disclosing what it looks like online because I don’t want a certain someone to stumble across and accidentally see it!

2) We also have our bands! Which I admit, is another one that’s hard to resist peeking at and trying on again and again. We were so blessed to find the bands that we did, and we can’t wait to wear them. We haven’t showed many people those because we want some things to be a surprise for everyone :)

3) We’re doing our final cake tasting this weekend, and will hopefully decide between two bakeries (though my fiance and I have our favorite already :) ) We’re coming up on the four month mark (June 9th!) and that’s when we’re “supposed” to have the cake ordered by – I can’t believe we’re finally coming up on deadlines, so far everything we’ve done has been so far in advance we’ve had people laugh at us!

4) My mom and I met with the florist a couple weeks back and I think we have the flowers all figured out :) That’s one section where I really didn’t have much direction. I knew what I did and didn’t like but not what I really wanted. But it looks like our main flowers for the ceremony will be green hydrangeas and lavender and ivory roses :)

5) And, we found the two most adorable kids for our ring bearer/flower girl.  :)

I think that’s all that’s new so far (and sorry no pictures!), but I’m sure I’ll be back soon to update you more!

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