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93 days…can we just get married now?

July 9, 2010

We have the essential ingredients for a wedding: a venue, a reception hall, a pastor, the dress, the tux, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the cake, the music, etc, etc, etc.

So why can’t we just get married already?

Sometimes I wonder how the people who write wedding blogs do it. How they make the planning process seem so carefree and happy and exciting

And as excited I am for the wedding and the party following, I am more then ready to just have it over with and be done. All those little itty bitty details I wanted to include in the wedding seem so trite now. Because really, at this point all I really want for my wedding is to be married at the end of it. I remember someone telling me that at the beginning, and thinking they were insane. I love to plan things and make things and coordinate things. But now I’m completely one hundred percent sure that it’s really all I want: to be married to the man who has supported me night and day through the last 4.5 years. All the other stuff is just frills and when it gets down to arguing about what’s on the pews or who will be offended by what or when extra details will be done by, I just want to tell everyone enough. My fiance is enough, and all I really want is him.

Anyone else see that weddings seem to draw out the pettiest drama in others (and I admit, sometimes, myself)?

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