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And now for the update

July 9, 2010

(since it’s been 50-ish days since I last posted…really?!)

1) We ordered our cake (awhile ago now!) And honestly it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to the most at the reception :) It’s not only exactly what I want it to look like (simple and sophisticated), but it tastes AMAZING! We ordered it from JaCiva’s and are super excited to have a slice from each tier of our cake (Lemon Chiffon with lemon swiss filling, pink champagne with strawberry filling and red velvet with a cream cheese filling). these cakes are soooooooo good. Seriously, way better than the other not-to-be-mentioned bakery. I can’t wait to eat it :) AND JaCiva’s gives you a gift certificate to go back and get your one year anniversary cake the next year FRESH – no need to stuff it in the freezer and try to eat the cake that’s turned to rock hard freezer burn.

2) Two of the bridal showers are planned – well, at least have dates – and one’s in a week and a half! I’m forcing myself not to look at our registries, which is quite a feat for me (which I haven’t been entirely successful at!) It’ll be weird to actually be the shower-ed one and not one bringing the gifts. I’m not one to be the center of attention, but it will be fun :)

3) WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE!!!!!! This one I’m REALLY excited about. My fiance moves into our condo labor day weekend, and I can’t wait to decorate it and turn it into a home :) I’ve been working on it a little bit. I’ve framed some artwork for the walls and am currently trying to choose fabric for throw pillows. It’s all the little things that makes it homey, and it’s going to be amazing to build a home with C.

4) I found earrings to wear…which I absolutely love. I don’t think I’m wearing a necklace, though I’m hoping to maybe find a bracelet to wear.

5) I FINALLY decided on a veil. I wasn’t too hot on a veil, I didn’t like really any I tried on with my dress. They were all too poufy and fussy, which is not me at all. And I really want the attention to be on the dress and not the veil. But I buckled down today and found the style which I knew existed somewhere. I won’t talk about it here in case someone is reading that shouldn’t find out :) But it’s going to be perfect :)

6) A little big detail – we only have about 23 addresses left out of about 250! I think that’s pretty good. But, I realized today that we have about a month to print, assemble, hand address (something I’m adamant about) and send them out! That’s kind of crazy to think, but incredibly exciting :)

7) I think we finally got all of the materials for the invitations. We had hit a snag when it came to what would hold the different pieces of the invitation together, but finally decided on some nice organza ribbon and bought it all today.

8) The squares of fabric for the tables at the reception are all made.

9) We went to the church and figured out how to fasten the pew decorations to the pews (believe me – this was a big dilemma) and were able to figure out some of the additional decorations as well as some as the day-of details.

10) I’ve begun the process of weeding through my room (which, mind you I’ve lived in since I was 7 or 8, only missing the college years away). It’s slowly winning – the mess is. The only thing I’ve succeeded in doing is making massive, impassable piles on my floor. Though I was able to give away some things to people at church – including giving some childhood necklaces to some elementary-aged girls who were really excited about free necklaces :)

I’m sure (at least hope) that I’ve really accomplished more than that! But I can’t think of anything right now :)

Three months from tomorrow!

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