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How We Met


We met the summer before I headed off to college. My parents were going on a campout that their Sunday school class did every summer. Chris happened to also go to this campout because his best friend’s family was the one who coordinated the trip every year (Chris’  parents used to go to the church that my parents attend, but they switched to a different church before they were there).

My sister and I were going with my parents, and when we first got there we saw a couple tall blond-ish guys walking back from the showers and jokingly said to each other that we wished they were part of our camping group – just so we could meet them.

Later that evening we were happily surprised to discover that in fact they were part of our group and one was Chris. Chris and I talked a tiny bit, but not much (we both thought the other person was cute, but we didn’t let on at all). We hung out together (a group of five of us) all weekend, but then the trip was over and we assumed that we would never see the other person again. And I headed off to college 3,000 miles away.


I hadn’t wanted to join Facebook in college because I thought it had too much hype and was a waste of time, but when I needed notes from a classmate and didn’t have their contact information, I decided to give facebook a try in September of ’05. About a month after I joined I was “poked” by Chris – who I immediately recognized because I still thought about him from time to time. He apparently had done the same to my sister, so I thought he was just being friendly by finding us. (I later found out that he had searched for me on facebook and poked my sister too so it wasn’t too obvious that he was trying to find me :)). A day after we “became friends” through facebook, Chris sent me a message asking how school was going. I sent him a reply back and within days we were sending each other lengthy messages, telling each other about ourselves. And within days of that we were talking daily through AIM. I would find myself rushing back to my room after classes, just to see if Chris had written me anything while I was gone.


We had been talking online for about 2-3 weeks when Chris asked me for my phone number. I freaked out! I tried to seem calm and collected and casually gave him my phone number and asked for his. Then I waited…and waited for a phone call. He finally called me on Thanksgiving day (it was my first Thanksgiving away from my family). I jumped when I saw it was him and tried to remain calm even though I was shaking with anticipation. Unfortunately, that conversation was awkward and short, so I thought for sure nothing would come of it. But, he called the next morning and we talked until our phones died.


Soon after these conversations we were talking all the more and Chris asked me if I would hang out with him over Christmas break. I again was NOT calm and collected and started to tell him all of the things that I wanted to do after being away from home for so long. He took all of this to mean that I was trying to politely brush him off. I of course was not and tried to rectify the situation…I did, poorly, but we eventually had plans to hang out once I got home.

We finally met in person, and after the first couple of awkward moments everything went well. He asked me to be his girlfriend January 3, 2006.

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