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Proposal Story

Fiance’s Side:

So, to start, I wanted to pop the question before my parents moved to Uganda, so as soon as I had the opportunity and knew what ring to get, and had the money, I had it special ordered. Because of the style of the ring, they can’t just resize the ring because the diamonds along the band would get loose and spread out weird. Unfortunately the ring took 6-8 weeks to come in from a special order. I knew this though because I had gone in to the jewelry store a few times already and they told me this bit of information.

I managed to get the order in on the 16th of September, meaning the 8 week mark was November 12th. With my parents leaving on the 7th of November, the worst case scenario left it either a really close call, or even having the ring come in after my parents and three of my siblings were going to be in Uganda. I talked with them a while trying to figure out a solution to this problem. They called up the place where they custom make the rings and told them about the time crunch and they said they’d do what they could.

I called them a bunch of times over the next few weeks to check in on the order, even though they told me they would call as soon as it was ready. After a few weeks I decided to come up with a better solution. They told me I could purchase another ring and propose with it, then procede to return the other ring when the ‘real’ one came in. By this time I had come up with the idea on how to propose and since it didn’t involve the ring in a box, a smaller solitaire ring would actually work perfectly for my idea. They assured me I would receive the full price of the returned ring and it would go towards the price of the special ordered one… very good news :)

So at this point I bought a cheaper solitaire ring to propose with, but it needed to be sized or it might be ridiculous. It took 5 business days to size the placeholder ring, so I awaited it anxiously, meanwhile I started working on the designs for my proposal idea. The ring came in when it was supposed to (on a Thursday), but I thought they would contact me so I kept waiting patiently. I called them up on Saturday and they said it was in, so I found time to drive over and pick it up. Finally I was able to start putting everything together.

The idea stems from a cheesy inside joke between FW and I revolving around the cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats. We also happen to both like the cereal, but mostly from the name. My idea was to hide the ring in a little packet disguised as a cereal promotional prize. I originally wanted to bring the cereal along on a picnic (we like picnics), but unfortunately the weather was not being cooperative, so I had to come up with another idea. I also had been laying it on pretty thick that I wanted to go on a picnic and I could tell FW was catching on to that idea.

I finished the design for the packet and made a medallion for the front of the box to advertise the “promotional” prize in every box. I put everything together, making it look as official as possible, and then I had my cereal box.

I brought the box over to FW’s house as nonchalant as possible when we were hanging out Wednesday night (Oct 28th). I mentioned that cereal sounded good and asked if she wanted any. She politely said “not tonight” and so I suggested “oh okay, maybe tomorrow then.” Disappointed I played it as cool as I could for the rest of the night, thinking of excuses to bring the cereal back to my house to avoid anyone (especially FW) opening the box by the next time I saw her.

I came up with telling her that I might want some in the morning, but luckily she didn’t question it at all when I grabbed the box to take home that night.

The next day I came over to her house again, she was working on some Christmas presents and I left the box of cereal in the car because it didn’t make a lot of sense to bring in during the middle of the day and might be a little suspicious. Later in the evening, after dinner, I brought up the cereal again as one of my late night urges, saying I could really go for some Honey Bunches of Oats. FW was busy working on her Christmas presents still, but said she could go for some, so I went and got the box.

She continued to work on her stuff and I wanted her to open the box to assure she saw the prize inside when she did, so I waited patiently for her. After a while she finally found a good stopping point and decided to take a break. I had gotten bowls out for the cereal, but didn’t want the milk just sitting there, so she got up and grabbed milk and spoons for the cereal.

She started to open the box and it looked difficult to open. This is most likely because I had glued the box back up after putting the ring in there, so I was worried she’d get suspicious.. luckily she did not. After getting it open she started pouring the cereal. She had seen the prize inside but didn’t mention it so I was worried she didn’t see it.

After pouring the cereal she finally was like, “oh there’s a prize.” I let her pull it out and while she was opening the packet, I got down off the couch and onto one knee in front of her (she was sitting on the couch). She started opening it and she thought it was like a Cracker Jack type ring, thinking it was strange, but still was clueless to what was really going on.

As she pulled it out of the packet, I grabbed it from her, held it out in front of her, and proposed. She was so thrown off guard that all she could say was “really? are you serious?” I asked if she was gonna say yes and she (still frazzled) said “yes!”

FW’s mom was in the kitchen, which is adjacent to the family room, where we were. I was surprised she didn’t hear me propose, or have any idea what was going on. Melanie still had a shocked look on her face, so as her mom went to the fridge to get something she looked over and was like “what?” FW was frozen so I responded “We’re engaged!”

FW’s mom said something like “wait, what, how did I not notice? That happened while I was right over here?”

I was a little nervous, misreading the shock on FW’s face as maybe being not excited, or thinking the way I proposed was so cheesy or horrible that she didn’t know what to say. She assures me she was just surprised and it took a while to set in.

It was fairly late at night, so we called everyone in the immediate family that we could get a hold of to tell them, then the next day, showed some people the placeholder ring. I had told FW that I ordered the real ring (which she had seen before, and it was the one she liked the most). The next day we were both anxious for the ring to come in, especially since my parents were having a going away party, which we knew lots of people would be asking to see the ring.

Our prayers were answered and I received a call that day that the ring was in. I was on my way to a meeting so after I got there I told the guy I was meeting the situation and he said no problem, so I headed back to get FW and head to the store to pick up the real ring.

We got it and it was every bit as sparkling as we had hoped. It also is a perfect fit. We got to show it off to everyone at the party, and now that our immediate families all know about it, we can tell everyone else! We are SOOOO EXCITED!

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